28 pages; Purple on Warm White (with a Purple and Orange Cover); 7x10 Risograph Comic.

Eric Kostiuk Williams' debut autobiographical comic explores the author's formative years navigating Toronto's gay scene. Replete with dance-floor debauchery, online dating conquests, young heartbreak, and cameos from the queer cultural canon, Hungry Bottom Comics shatters contemporary gay culture's obsession with masculinity and normalcy.


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The Beguiling (Toronto ON)

Glad Day Bookshop (Toronto ON)

Art Metropole (Toronto ON)

Monastiraki (Montreal QC)

Quimby's Bookshop (Chicago IL)

Desert Island Comics (New York NY)

Bureau of General Services - Queer Division (New York NY)

Bergen Street Comics (New York NY)

Lucky's Comics (Vancouver BC)

Fantagraphics Bookstore (Seattle WA).

Read it at The OCAD Zine Library (113 McCaul St, Toronto ON).


Best American Comics - Notable Comics of 2013.

Nominated for the 2013 Doug Wright Spotlight Award.

"Whoa, mercy- Williams can draw the shit out of some swirling queer consciousness! Hungry Bottom Comics is a fractured narrative of cumming into power - plundered celebrity cameos pile up and filter the comics' autobio-fantasy-cultural critique, pushing through with the polished contour hatching that's driving me wild. Hotness- this is one tight braid!" 

- Edie Fake,

"I've read a number of autobio comics from gay cartoonists detailing coming-out experiences, [...] but Williams' account of his experiences is my favorite. That's because of his wit, his intelligence, his hard self-reflection and a naturalistic drawing style that nonetheless has a rubbery quality to it that allows for some flights of fancy."

- Rob Clough, High-Low Comics/The Comics Journal

"Williams is a remarkably gifted, young, gay cartoonist who tackles memoir in an unusual way, with dense, lush illustrations and deconstructed page layouts, combined with a surreal, magical realism literary style. Williams is pushing boundaries while being very knowledgeable of both LGBTQ artistic history and the comics medium. We’re going to continue to see amazing things from him."

- Justin Hall, editor of No Straight Lines

"This queer-themed comic is a fantastic debut and Williams, if I haven’t made myself clear, is a major new talent."

- Rob Kirby, editor of Three

Comic excerpt in In Toronto Magazine.

Interview in Fab Magazine.

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